Cookies Policy

  • What is a cookie?


    Cookies are text files that include small pieces of information and are used to recognise a user's device when connecting to a network. HTTP cookies are a specific type of cookie used to identify users and enhance the web browsing experience.

    The server creates data in a cookie as soon as the user connects and labels it with an ID, unique to the user and their device.

    The user's device and the network server then exchange cookies, and when they do, the server reads the ID and knows what data to give them specifically.



    What are essential cookies?


    A website cannot operate properly without essential cookies. They are necessary to deliver a service or enable the transmission of communications over a network. Website visitors would not be able to use the various features and/or services available without these cookies.



    What cookies does our website use?


    Our website uses two essential cookies:


    • __zlcmid - This cookie is essential for the live chat service to function correctly.

    • UMB_SESSION - This cookie is essential to the functionality of the forms within our website.


    The above cookies do not store any personal information about the user and are necessary for these functions to work as intended.

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